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Sony a45 - anyone have experience with it?


I can get a brand new one from a colleague (he bought it while in the US at the beginning of the year). It's still sealed and he's (understandingly) not keen to open it so I can try it out.

Dewald S:
Hi Sarel,
I have a Sony NW-A45, sound quality is quite good, but it struggles with planar magnetics.
Cannot get decent volume out of my HifiMan Sundara's, although Meze 99 classics (closed back) sounds pretty good with decent volume.
The battery in the Sony does not last very long, and seems to run flat in a few days if you don't use it.

A friend has a Fiio M11 pro, I would rather go for that if you plan to use planar headphones.

Thanks @Dewald S. I ended up buying it, and it is not bad for what it is. I don't have any battery issues so far. Getting at least 10 hours playing 24bit/192khz tracks. But I suppose battery drain while it is not being used is a different story. Been using Fiio FH5s with them, so also not struggling to get decent volume out of them. Personally though, the sound is a little bass-heavy for my taste. Will be listing it and the Fiio FH5s on the forum for sale as soon as I hit 50 posts...


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