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Most reliable HDD?

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Am looking to do some serious backing up/storage and will be needing a 2TB HDD. Been quite some time since I went the PC separates route, but remember that Seagate and Western Digital always had the best reputation. From what I've seen so far 2TB seems to be the current maximum size, which in my mind means it might be more vulnerable to data corruption issues, because it's at current technology's limits. Comments?

Edit: Ooops, I'm wrong, just found a 3TB one.

3TB is currently the largest... look for the highest MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) which is normally server/RAID drives

There is really nothing to choose between Seagate (except for that firmware issue about 2 years ago), WD and Samsung. I have owned a lot of drives in recent time and not 1 is giving more issues than the the next. Currently prefer the WD Green drives as I can set and unset certain "parameters" that I like to do. The other drives is more "closed". If I have to buy now it would be the WD Black 2TB because the prices have come so much down and is the closest drive you will get to enterprise levels without the price tag associated.

Kewl, tks for feedback.

I thought Google debunked the whole "enterprise grade" myth pretty thoroughly. Drives tend to fail either early, or from long use a couple of years down the line. Not much difference between consumer vs enterprise, though keeping them cool and on clean power helps. Generally though, they're unreliable so you should always have a multi-tiered backup strategy. Just buy two of whatever big-name brand meets your performance and capacity requirements.


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