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handsome: Thanks for the informative and decisive input.

1200GXman: the kit is currently available. I have just sent out the first order (one without the enclosure) priced at R3900 + shipping. (With enclosure and logo R5 900).

I am taking the 76/6SN7 design by Berman from Sound Practices #13 as the guide for the moment.

Here's some pictures of the parts. This specific one is a once off with Parmeko transformers and choke!

Power transformer

Filament transformer


3 input and one out pair of RCA

tag strips, pots, selector etc.

set of tubes. The RCA box contains a 5Y3GT rectifier

tube sockets


Here is my take on the power transformer for the preamp:


That first one with the Parmeko transformers will be quite something! Thanks as ever for sharing pics of your developing design and parts.

For this project I am going to go with a 6J5G as the input tube, and a 6J5GT for the cathode follower.

The full wave rectifier will probably be a 5Y3G or GT


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