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caroline blundell


ron g:

so how many people here remember keith & kin from sabc in, i think, the late 70s.

i always enjoyed the songs performed by caroline blundell - she was definitely a large influence in my preference for woman singer / songwriter / folk music.

she now has 2 albums available on bandcamp, & i'm enjoying both of them:

Listening now. Wonderful, I had not heard of her before.

Thanks, Ron.

they use to come into the SABC studio to perform live . Had a weekly show i looked foward to.
The whole family was talented . If i remember correctly the family played together in that show

One of the family is Jonny Blundell, and I was privileged enough to record an album for his band Fat City, back in the 80s.

Great guitarist and all round cool person, as were Caroline and her sister who came in to record some backing vocals on the album.

Jonny lives in Cape town now and still plays gigs there. Check him out on Facebook, he is a superb player.


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