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I have a pair of KZ KSN's on order from Banggood.
Would like to order another budget IEM to compare them to.

My list has been narrowed down to the following:


Does anyone have any experience and/or recommendations?

If I had the cash to burn I would get all three, but we've all heard of the headphone addiction!

Hi, what did you end up getting?

I'm looking at those IEMs too, need to decide on one.

Maybe @naughty can help?

CCA is made by KZ - they use the same drivers but just change the external design AFAIK so they should sound pretty similar (though the tuning is minorly different from what i have read in reviews - I have used the ZSN Pro and the ZS10 pro and i am currently using the AS16 - the AS16 are brilliant but dont have as much bass slam and bass impact as the other dynamic driver hybrid models because they use 2 balanced armature drivers for bass (8 drivers per side) but you can EQ them to add some bass and they respond brilliantly with no distortion as long as you dont try to drive them too hard or don't listen at levels louder than a jet taking off (around 120db)

i haven't tried any of the models you mention so cannot tell you about them specifically  :nfi: but i like KZ as a brand though i am biased because i have specifically used those - the Tin Audio T2 and T3 are also likely a good option too - or if you can afford them the T4 or even the P1 (which is a Planar Magnetic IEM model but that's priced close to the AS16) ..... if you can afford the AS16 i wouldn't hesitate - they sound brilliant with my Fiio M11 DAP - the only thing is that compared to more expensive and established brands i don't know how long they will last

other alternative brands that local guys have tried in the Chi-Fi ranges are Blon audio or thieaudio and the aforementioned Tin Audio as well as Moondrop - and whoever has tried all those brands enjoy them very much AFAIK

all the KZ models i have used so far (so by extension CCA models too because of the same drivers) sound pretty decent and also fit well and comfortable enough ...... will all be improved by using foam ear-tips and work surprisingly well for comparatively "cheap" items so provide decent value for your money (same should also go for the other brands but i cannot comment specifically on the models i have not used)

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