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--- Quote from: gLer on August 28, 2020, 02:35:37 PM ---Hi @Momo - I've jotted down a few impressions of some rather awesome DAPs here:,89115.0.html

--- End quote ---

A nice read thanks, i would definitely want a full android based dap next the astell and kern ak70 doesn't allow browsing or downloading of 3rd party apps. Would also lean more towards a warmer tone.  :thumbs:

The Hiby Daps seem interesting

Just an FYI post...

Just received my Lotoo Paw S1 (as well as some new BLON 03 IEMs) yesterday, and WOW!!!
I would say it is a noticeable improvement over my iBasso DX160 (2020 version) in terms of detail, speed, and sound-stage/imaging.

:What's in the box:

:Size comparison again the DAP:


I definitely recommend this as a portable DAC!  It does need to be paired with a suitable transport, to get the full benefit!
I say this as, while the UAPP android app does provide bitperfect, native DSD support, streaming services, etc. features and functionality, it doesn't have offline-mode for streaming services like Tidal.
And the Android apps for Tidal, etc. USB audio usually goes thru the android layer, basically resampling all audio to 96KHz :(
However the iBasso Lurker custom firmware sorts that issue out

:Paw S1 performing DSD playback via UAPP:

:Official Tidal App playback sample MQA sample rates on DAP vs the sample rates on Paw S1:

For me, this makes the iBasso DX160 a great transport to pair with the Paw S1 (and it has that brilliant 445ppi retina display)

:DX160 Display on:

:Impressions were made on the BLON 03 IEMs, with TRIPOWIN C8 (8-Core Silver Copper Foil Braided Cable) and comply foam tips:


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