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It seems that on this forum not many people are interested in IEM or DAP conversations,i just read a thread that was last posted October 2019.This is sad.

its easy to sort this out - just post something about your own IEM and DAP experiences - and others will follow once they realize that there is interest  ;) - was gonna post some impressions of my Fiio M11 - will get onto it soon

Naughty i know you are always up to the task  :rubhands:
I have fiio fh7 so i could try and give feedback on the IEM if anyone is looking at getting a pair.


--- Quote from: Momo on June 03, 2020, 09:26:10 AM ---Naughty i know you are always up to the task  :rubhands:
I have fiio fh7 so i could try and give feedback on the IEM if anyone is looking at getting a pair.

--- End quote ---

would love to read your impressions of the Fiio FH7 - was very interested in getting those but due to lockdown expenditure i may have to put those plans on hold a bit longer than i would have liked - but i'm now a DAP and IEM fan because my M11 and KZ As16 combo works brilliantly well especially after adding UAPP onto the M11 and finding some great settings for the EQ for each of my headphones/IEMs (including those HE4xx i got from you  :thumbs:)

FH7 is very impressive and it gets better the more you listen to it.Burn in is essential as initially it sounded a bit harsh in the treble areas and the bass was lighter then expected.But once burned in things settle down.For me personally the extra filters are not necessary the reference filter is the best.The bass is extremely good no bloatiness & no bass bleed.Its more quality over quantity sometimes i feel i want slightly more especially on dance tracks,pop music where the energy is fast but when i listen to Jazz,vocals classical i realise just how well it does with bass instruments.I was listening to Brian Culbertson last night -Sexy love from his new album XX and the kickdrum is so pronounced that it brings a smile to my face..Bass has very good rumble as well(Sub bass) when the song calls for it but it will in no-way make itself known when the track doesnt call for it.Midrange is very good Anoushka Shankars voice sounds so lovely on her new ep i especially love the song with Ibeyi-loveable.Treble is very well extended if the song has micro detail you will hear every bit of it even with songs you think you know very well.

PS.i have the upgraded 2.5d cable and it makes an appreciable difference over the stock 3.5mm

I would say that i wouldnt pair this IEM with a bright source/dap something neutral would be best.I havent listened to the fh7 & m11 but i have read reviews that suggest they dont pair as well as most people would assume.

If i could afford it i would prefer an Ibasso dx220 for this IEM.


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