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Some other AVO data manuals call it only Type 160.

Handy page for AVO aficionados  :

Interesting discussion, thanks Charles for kicking off... I have a MkIV which has had a diode and cap fitted across the meter to prevent it being damaged. I am guilty of so far not having the time and patience to sit down and get to grips with it. As my work has nearly dried up completely it seems like a good time to do this and I have just hauled the machine upstairs from the garage today for this exact reason.  I will see how I go and post questions here if I get stumped... I would like to test most of my valves over the coming months.



I should run through calibration on mine as well, I have 3 or 4 AVO VCMs and I doubt that any two of them read exactly the same. I also need to catalogue the remainder of my valves, have completed about 60-70% of this so far but it is not the most interesting of tasks to carry out...   :sulky:


It is a very good idea to calibrate the AVO VCM's.

I have the same problem regarding the cataloguing of my valves.
One has to do it. A problem may also be storage space.


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