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Something else:

Only the AVO MK I & II valve testers can test certain mercury vapour rectifiers such as the 866A ones and it is listed
in their respective AVO data manuals.

Regarding the AVO MK I and MK II valve testers.

Originally there was no protection circuit (diode/capacitor across the meter),as with the 160 model, to protect the moving coil meter. It is important to do this modification.

Before certain valves listed in the AVO data manual is a square symbol. When testing the inter-electrode resistance of these valves (hot or cold) these valves may be damaged when using the earlier generation of AVO valve testers.

Quote from the AVO data manual (1981): "The earlier generation of AVO valve testers should not be used for inter-electrode insulation testing on these few types, because the test voltage used is 150V (peak). The limitation does not apply to the tester VCM 163 where the test voltage used is 50V d.c."

One of these valves listed is the E88CC

AVO Valve Data Manual

There are sometimes incorrect valve settings in some of the AVO data manuals with specific reference to the AVO 163 settings.


Valve:  7025 (ECC 83 variant)

AVO Valve Data Manual Edition 19:   851 238 413 0000 - not correct

AVO VALVE DATA Manual for Type 163 (1968): 851 238 413 0000 - not correct

AVO Valve Data Manual Edition 23: 851 228 413 0000 correct

I did not refer to the other editions. Please check it.

Faulty setting: One of the triodes will not conduct.

Thank you for the heads-up @charles

I'll correct it in my manual if applicable.


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