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Today I embarked on a mission to find this mans family. He does not know who he is.
 After making sure he was safe and fed I gave him some clothes as he was wearing just a vest and slacks.

Despite his appearance he does not come across as a drug user and has what appear to be a mental illness. Could perhaps be that he is off his meds. I could not just let him go and be in the street. I made him comfortable in his make shift camp for the night and started flooding social media. It is now 1 AM, the response from across south africa has been overwhelming and GOOD NEWS... I just got a voicenote from a kind soul that positively identified him and will confirm his address in the morning. I will arrange for medical assistance first thing tomorrow morning (he says he was hit over the head and cannot remember who he is.... and pending the outcome of the hospital visit I will arrange for him to be taken home.
He does how ever drink a lot of coffee. LOL  :groovy:
Impeccable mannerism - He has an amazing detailed tattoo of the "Creation of Adam" on his chest and seeing this I knew this guy is missed by someone somewhere.

Will post an update later today.

Good on you Tom.

Thank you for caring & helping.


Please keep us updated?

Update Sunday 9:45 AM. I have received 2 phone calls this morning positively identifying him as Tristan.
I took him some coffee now and he is doing well and is in his usual good spirit, responded to Tristan and just to be sure I asked him if his name is Tristan or Ashley as he speaks very softly, He says he has heard the name Tristan a lot.
His parents live in Sunnyrock, Germiston but I am also in contact with the home he resided at last, only problem is the home is in KZN. Will post update as soon as I can.

There are one or two around here similar to him

They both live at the Ark Night Shelter in Wynberg which I assist now and then.   Both are harmless guys, one has a strange appearance and gets a stuttering fit if you ask him something directly.  So I pretend I am speaking to his mate and will ask him if he wants more magazines (he likes Railway magazines and National Geographic).  He will then say "yes, me"

The Ark get food from Woolworths and PnP Constantia Village.  Every day at 6.30 they can go and collect


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