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20v from panel....12v entering regulator ?

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I've had no battery backup at night for bedroom light and gadgets.

The battery is half car battery size. Panel is 22v @ 55watts. I get 20v at the end of the cable.

As soon as I clamp the cable into the regulator I only get 12v. (Back probe)

What am I missing ? Lol

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The voltage in the lower photo is 12.5v

The no-load voltage is much higher in this instance as it is not a regulated supply

Lead-acid batteries are not too fussy about incoming voltages since the internal resistance increases greatly as it reaches its capacity, which is 13,85V (and the current it is able to absorb drops)

However, this is not a long-term solution.  Cannot you change it to between 13,65 and 13,85 volts?   All that will happen is that the battery life will shorten and get hot

Thanks Chris...I don't know enough to open it up to change anything in the regulator. lol
I just can't figure out that I get 20V at the end of the cable .... until I clamp it in.

Being a regulator I simply assumed it would still be 20v +- from the panel and the regulator would do it's job and "regulate" it to 13v or so ??

Do you think 4 years is "time up" for one which has "lived" in almost perfect conditions ?

OK...checked again... the input voltage is now 13.26V
Still have no idea what happens between the 20V and the 13.26V. lol


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