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I haven't bought the new charger yet, and it might be a very good thing!
But just to make sure:

I do have a car battery charger, with 6v/12 and Trickle Charge/Full Charge functions.
I used this to bring my Willard 105Ah DC Battery up to 13.8v.
I also made new cables with the correct plugs for my 12v Fibre Box (Raycore from Vumatel) and 12v wireless router (D-Link).
When the power went off today at 12pm, I was ready!
I switched over to the battery, and for 21 minutes I had internet. Both devices worked fine - green lights on on the D-Link,
and Blue and orange lights on on the Raycore. Internet speed tested at 6Mbps (not 10).
Then the internet died.
Green lights still on on the D-Link, and only the blue light on the Raycore.
This makes me think that the Vumatel fibre is also affected by the load shedding in my area, and is not available for
most of the load shedding period?
It would also explain why, when the power comes back on in my house, it can take 10-10 minutes before my internet access is restored?

Is this correct, or am I missing something?

I don't want the backup power for lights or for TV, so if my internet is still not going to work, there would be no point in my
setting this up.

PS. My Vodacom phone also goes into "no service" for most of the load shedding period (sometimes I get E, but nothing loads or works, anyway), and I have a big-ass tower on top of the hill, just behind me!  :headbanger:

Any thoughts on this?

We had a similar problem. During load shedding the INet was MIA, on our phones. Turns out they are having problems with affirmative shoppers liberating backup batteries.
We logged a fault/complaint and it has been sorted.

I forgot to end this: I ended up buying a Bosch C7 charger.
Everything else was sold out in my area.
In any event, very happy with it, and glad I just got what I wanted in the first place.

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