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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to purchase an intelligent battery charger to "permanently" connect to my Willard deep cycle battery and (when there is power) charge it.

Any opinions on this one from Takealot?

If not great (for the price), what should I look at?


Awesome charger but what about the times you need a bit more than maintenance.  I would suggest something in the victron ip65 blue connect range or one of the optimate 6.

We carry the Benton range, if you're interested. The charger you're looking at is way too small for a large battery.

If you only want a maintenance charger with an occasional full charge, the BX-1(M) would be suitable, 5-step, 800mA to 3.8A max. You can safely leave this charger permanently connected to the battery, also suitable for LiFePO4 batteries.


Victron got some super nice chargers but get ready to sell one of your audio equipment  :giggle: The one that family_Dog looks super nice and then you can check this one out at Midas:

I'm using one that to keep my 190ah AGM's top up because i'm not using them anymore, move over to Lifepo4's
Here some more info:

You get them in 6Amp and 8Amp.

Thanks for the answers above, everyone - it was very helpful.



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