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Refurb of Quad ESL57's

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Hi all

I managed to get a pair of ESL57's.
Panels play equal volume, luckily.
So, I have started to take them apart to start a slow refurb.
Feet and side panels are being sanded and redone.
Front and rear grills removed for cleanup and trying to get some dents out of the front panel.

The one bass panel has a small tear, this leaves me with two options:
1: Repair the tear with tape, which tape and where do I obtain it?

2: Remove dustcover and do a new one, this leaves me to source the right plastic and thickness. Does anyone know where I can get some of this locally?

So, which option and then where can I obtain said meterials?

Alternatively, is there an expert in the Cape that has done this before and are willing to tackle this?


So far...

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I might have some remaining Mylar film from years ago when I refurbished a pair of  ESL63's.

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I ventured down this path once with a set of 988's.

I'm sure you have done plenty of research already, so just pointing to these sites:
Australian company that sells 57 repair kits
57 Schematics etc

I could not find anyone in Cpt at the time that could work on them. I wanted to fly a fellow by the name of Pieter Preller down. He used to be the ESL guru for Audiosure that had the Quad agency back then (about 8 years or so ago). He still runs his own electronics repair business somewhere in Gauteng if I recall. In the end I just gave up on trying to keep the speakers in top shape, sold them and bought a set of B&W805  :giggle: Better (more tangible) bass than the Quads but lacking the midrange magic. Their reliability compared to the Quads won me over at the time.

@Winders  on the forum is an expert if I recall and has rebuilt a few sets. Also @fdlsys maybe able to provide info.
I also know that @Maestro and @Donovan and @masonic and @GMaestro ventured down this path before. It would be worthwhile to make contact with them.

Read this thread:,44385.msg570527.html#msg570527

Spent the last week reading and reading, shaking my head, then got really excited.

The intention for these are to get them neat, clean and looking good.
They will not be for main listening or even every week listening.
The good thing is they play at the same level.
Slight buzz on one power supply.
I will definately make contact with some guys that has got experience on ESL's.

For now my biggest challenge is getting the dents out of the grill


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