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Tiny Show at Darmstadt


Hi Guys,

Our Intrepid Little BIG German, Herr Stiglmayr, went on Safari up in German land and bagged some good responses from appreciative visitors over the previous weekend. Although not so well known and certainly orders of magnitude smaller than the Munich High End, Gerhard reports that the show at Darmstadt was for our consolidated purpose quite a bit better that all four of the Munich Shows since 2016..

It appears we'll have to keep digging up there in Europe as business in SA (HUH? What's THAT ??) is almost non existent. Sad to say.
Sonor Audio has already started reaping the benefits of its 98 out of 100 review of the Claro 6.2
Now the Claro 5.2 has scored similar in a to be printed review December or January. Already reviewed and scored, well done Roy.

Then logged for review to be published during March 2020 edition is the Reference Acoustics X-Act turntable which has already drawn some admiring looks and comments during the 2019 Munich HES, and now again at Darmstadt. We wish The Guys at Reference Acoustics all the very best going forward.

Valve Audio? We only just manage to make the stands for static displays at these shows, Our batteries run flat before the shows kick off..


--- Quote from: Schalk on November 20, 2019, 09:02:52 PM ---Valve Audio? We only just manage to make the stands for static displays at these shows, Our batteries run flat before the shows kick off..

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Congrats to both of the companies on display.

It would be nice to have the South African manufacturers sharing their international reviews here. Would never have known that the Claro's received a 98/100.

Pity the local market is non existent for our manufacturers.

@Schalk if you have please share any recent int reviews, if you can get Sonor to do the same would be appreciated.



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Hi Guys, here is a link to an English translation of the German Audio magazine review on the Sonor Claro 6.2 speakers., I also post these reviews on the Soundsnatural spot on the forum and the Soundsnatural web site.

The most recent review that the German Audio magazine has done is on the baby Sonor Claro's the 6.1's, the English translation is not available yet, so watch these spots! What I can say is that the 6'1's were chosen as one of the six top speakers in the EU3000- to EU 5000- price range by the magazine for a comparative review/ shoot out. Don't be alarmed at the Euro price bracket, the price in Europe is higher than here.

I am not allowed to reveal any more at this stage!

And as for those exquisite Valve Audio masterpieces on pedestals at the Darmstadt Audio show, you can hear the music by just looking at them  :thumbs:


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