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Denon DRA-800H Network Receiver
« on: November 10, 2019, 04:13:50 PM »
Traded in my Yammie RX-A850 Aventage for the latest Denon Stereo Network & Streaming Receiver. Why? Guess I am just a Denon fan and like their way of doing things.

This replaces the Yammie in my bedroom setup and frees a Pioneer NC-50 CDP Network Receiver which will now be doing duty elsewhere as a Network Streamer.

Setting up was dead easy but always best to use a TV for even easier setup rather than the onboard LCD display. This unit's primary function is to stream music stations from around the world rather than use a dedicated music streaming service such as Spotify, Tidal etc, although undoubtedly these would certainly offer better audio output. Yet I find them dull & lifeless without a bit of human intervention now and again, I quite like hearing the DJ proffer some interesting chit-chat now and again.

Thanks Morne for your professional assistance in obtaining this, I am absolutely enjoying this unit and consider it an excellent purchase.

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Re: Denon DRA-800H Network Receiver
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Anytime Eric and enjoy :2thumbs: