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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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It is interesting that in his Hi Fi + review Alan Sircom says the only other 2 dacs that affected him in the same way was the Nagra HD and the Gryphon,both at considerably higher prices.

Guess who does Gryphon in SA?

I get the impression that the majority of South Africa's hi fi music nuts are between 50 and 60 or older.I also am genuinely intrigued how despite our differences our audio backgrounds are all similar.If you are like me, you started off heavily influenced by British magazines and their jingoism. Then somewhere in 81 or maybe 2 a whole flock of the British writers visited CES in Chicago or was it Vegas? There they heard a system with ARC electronics and Infinity RS 1 speakers ,maybe Goldmund/Koetsu front end? It was a Damascus Road for them and so for all of us. Since then I ,and I think others, have always associated the high end with things American.

I think the pendulum has swung back to Europe and it is time I,and others, follow . I also think we are priviliged to have a prophet like Achim here. Based on his insights I think I may need to open my ears and sadly my pocket too.

Finally I also get the impression that while afew of us paddle in the mud here on the forum trying to talk mainly to ourselves ,there are a significant amount of true high enders peering over rhe rim of the pitt. Why are they doing this,what are they trying to achieve? Sipping malt while squinting though shaded glass ,smiling at how much better they are than us plebs. Is it the same reason people buy stolen art? I'm sure BJ can tell but understandably won't. Certainly the odd glimpses he has given and the presence of some other very high end distributors doing very well thank you shows a very active very high end. I understand being private and all but why sneak around fora such as these ,tapping energy for their pusuit from the dirty unwashed.And for whassisnames sake ,stop quoting me to me then!

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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I am grateful that ...looking back...I met the right people to get inspired from....and learned a lot from them.

Without Peter Lyngdorf I would never ever been in that industry. I remember when he offered me beeing the first Dali Importer for Germany an interim solution. That became more than 10 years.

Due to my many visits in Denmark I met Flemming Rasmussen the founder of Gryphon Audio and has been very privileged to hear the first Gryphon products at his private home. This changed my Life and it made me find and develope my personal hearing ideal (which took some decades).

Many fresh born companies that time visited me in Berlin... Wilson Benesch when they been young, the Copland & Primare guys, Audia from Italy..and some very young french guys..... from AUDIOMAT.
It been wild nights..... lots of fun.....

Those years in Europe was enlighten by a complete new generation of young engineers and start ups....

Joachim Gerhard got big those years, got great and crazy through Audio Physic and up till today we re good friends through all these years.

What I wann say..... well.... other than most of you here - we grew up with european and german companies who simply had enough of this (to us) boring, bloated and slowish american sound. We had enough of these few self-loving leaders in the industry - because they turned it into an industry where money counted more than audible results.

I m not a prophet at all....I feel more like Don Quichotte....riding against windmills.....

For me Gryphon still is THE best when it comes to Class A Amps (and Pre amps), their Mikado CD Player was a legend and gets now replaced by a new model....

In personal rating is ...Brinkmann as the One & Only, followed by AUDIOMATs Meastro Reference DAC and than by Gryphons Kalliope.....

In Turntables I still say a Brinkmann Balance kills them all........and Balance and Nyquist MKII having the same signature....

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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.....americans...... oh I also learned a lot by Henry Kloss close friend & best enemy Tom deVesto (still after many heavy years a good friend of mine). So I went with Tivoli Audio through a complete different school ...... as a High Ender I eneterd a world where only turnover and money counts. The insight I got to the american audio scene was shocking to me.... most living from the past and do what they do to please their Investors and shareholders.

And I m grateful for many successful years but I m glad to be back where only music counts....

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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My last words on the Brinkmann Nyquist ii streamer/dac-I promise.

Initially I said this thing will not polish a turd as hopping from MQA to CD quality in Tidal was disappointing. It wasn't ,it was the Dac going through its burning in phase. So far I have only streamed through Roon. Last night I plugged in my very old Studer A727 CD transport into the spdif input. Cable was Cardas Lightning with and without the Wyred for Sound reclocker. With-Please!

It will polish a turd. True to the nature of the beast it somehow will strip away the nastiness of early digital leaving only the music. I have a really old, really crummy CD of Supertramp,Crime of the Century. A superb album but here digitised in the poorest fashion. The Brinkmann stripped that away leaving me breathless  at that late 70s masterpiece.Again the tape hiss just like the analog master it is.

Achim lent me this for 2 weeks. Tonight I'm packing it up. I cannot allow a piece of equipment to scramble a working week like this did last week. It must go back.

This is my LP collection ,or more accurately the ones I play. It is not large but big enough to overrun our breakfast nook.

IMG_2385 by jdza, on Flickr

IMG_6643 by jdza, on Flickr

In the pic my extremely modest collection of Reel tapes can also be seen. Some of my equally modest CD collection can be seen too . Considering these were collected over 30 years,it is really tiny. I have Roon on a yearly basis and Tidal. Sometimes I go months without streaming at all and have considered stopping it

IMG_0822 by jdza, on Flickr

Last night,by the fire,under the big old Coral tree I peered into my Syrah and said to Elizabeth. "For the first time,ever, I can easily walk away from analog" .Her simple reply? "NO!"

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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A most enjoyable read and thank you for sharing your digital journey.
I make do with an old Benchmark DAC1 amongst a few others, and can only imagine what a DAC of the Brinkmann's calibre could bring to my humble party... :notworthy:

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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And that, my friends, is called “waxing lyrical”. Nice write up Mr. Sax.

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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Dear Agaton..... I will be busy with my family the whole week.... my daughter, aunt and uncle came from Germany for a visit till the 10th of November. Up to than I ve no chance to enjoy this outstanding DAC....

There is absoltely no rush to pack and Monsieur Nyquist didn't really showed all his talents to full....

It was a fantastic read Agaton - I really enjoyed it. Most reviews in audio magazines are really boring compared to
what I read here....

Before you start the good bye ceremony.... please play with the Gain a bit.... I always ended up somehow before max.

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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
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Interesting read and all good so far ;) Your journalistic talents are amazing, and as always I enjoy your take on things.:notworthy:

However, one point that I disagree with is that "the pendulum has swung back to Europe". Sorry to disagree, but in my personal audio journey, mainland Europe has always been the center of the Universe in all things Hi Fi. The Americans are good at marketing,and that's where it ends period.
The Brits on the other hand,have some serious audio products. But these were intermixed with some real trash as well , riding on the "God save the Queen" train.
Unfortunately South Africa was very brand influenced by the above mentioned, and so missed out on some real audio gems for years, leaving only the well traveled and the informed few, with the real taste of audio nirvana 
After all, neither Mozart or Einstein were American you know  :ROFLMAO:   
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Re: Encounters -The Brinkmann Nyquist DAC
« Reply #23 on: December 01, 2019, 04:54:23 PM »
..This was a Brinkmann Year.... the new Marconi MKII Pre amp is about to make "his" way in SA...and the Nyquist MKII is probably the most desirable DAC/Streamer on the market up to today and after 2 more Nyquist MKIIs got sold just now... 2 more are about to land in the next days.

I was wondering who on this forum will be the next for this final DAC/Streamer....  at +/- 275K (due to the Rand) "he" is even "the competitor" against all High End DACs....

Funny enough .... I always thought the local market would show great interest in a Brinkmann Turntable like my Balance - simply because this TT belongs to the best turntables of all times. But I ll give it time ;)

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