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A collection of compliments
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Just had to share, just because it makes me feel good :)

I had the pleasure of hearing most of the Bentley Acoustic models in Rudi's lounge while he was tuning the cross-overs. They were still unpainted and unfinished, but they sounded absolutely incredible - at any price. To think they are selling at such competitive prices too... These are seriously worth a listen, and not just because we want to support local - but because they're really that good.

Just had the pleasure of listening to these Bentley Acoustics speakers and my god they do deliver with a punch. They are very clear, warm and seem to handle lots of power without any hint of distortion. The F150 which are the big boys make the B&W 683 S2 sound flat and plain. Mr Bentley has surely exceeded the expectations I had and delivered something that will be hard to beat at that price point. Well done to him and the team. I have placed my order and can't wait to have them installed at my place.

"your speakers made me love music all over again" well done Bentley acoustics! – Reinach (audio corporation Pretoria)

"absolutely amazing speakers, the detail the warmth, I can't stop listening “ – Bentley acoustics – Hein

"Just bought a pair of these Bentley Acoustics FS150.. Which I connected to my 400W Bryston amp system ... amazing, crystal/clear, highly-defined, powerful sound... music to my ears 😃" - Remi Bourton

“If I didn’t already own B&W 683 speakers, I would have bought the Bentley Acoustics hands down!” – Dimitri.

I purchased a pair of Bentley Acoustics FS120 main speakers and a FC150 centre speaker to replace my existing Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 and Wharfedale 10CS centre. I have an Atmos 5.1.2 setup using an Integra 30.6 receiver.

Out of the box, built quality is very good with good craftsmanship all around. The units are very heavy therefore care needs to be taken moving them into position. I played various scenes ranging the T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park, Speeder Chase scene in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi to music ranging from Piano guys to Def Leppard and it is as if a whole new world opened with all these tracks. Very fine details were clear and identifiable, and all the sound elements had a very realistic, real life feel to them. The bass was clear and detailed without being overwhelming. Even at higher sound levels the instrumental and dialogue quality remained true and sounded real life without distortion. Before purchasing any other brand of high end speakers, I honestly suggest one must audition a set of Bentley Acoustic speakers with your favourite tracks as they offer very good sound quality and I believe it to be a worthwhile investment if you are serious about getting value for money. Herman Claassens

Ken from AUDICO “Our staff absolutely love the new Bentley Acoustics, and they listen to different brands all day , they were very impressed - for what they cost they should definitely be on your shortlist!

Hein from E-piphany “I am truly surprised at how good these speakers sound, good sensitivity, good response clear and precise especially great with a valve amp! Impressed!”

Having bought the FR100 and FC150 first, I couldn’t believe the sound that these speakers produced, outstanding quality with amazing accuracy, crisp high notes and clear vocals. These speakers alone matched many high end full home theatre systems. When the FS120 arrived, nothing could have prepared me. No need for subs! .Amazing.... certainly well worth it and with that price point unbelievable. Thank you Vaughan and Bentley Acoustics for great advice and quality products. Rajhan Govindasami, Verulam, KZN.

As a connoisseur of music of all genres, clarity and balance of the sound on my music system is of primary importance. I want to hear the triangle in an orchestral arrangement without loudness draining the moment. Therefore the audible spectrum must be clearly defined between tweeter, mid-range, low range and sub-woofer. I have searched and listened to many brands including Jamo, Kef, B&W and even ended up buying a pair of Klipch R28F. Nothing could match my Infinity series IIIA Speakers which I owned many years ago. I then listened to the FS150 Bentley Acoustics and I just had to have them! My prejudice towards local manufactured goods were eliminated without breaking the bank. These speakers are solidly built and if your budget is below R20k look no further because with the right amplifier you will enjoy High Fidelity sound guaranteed. Roelie Van Rensburg

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Re: A collection of compliments
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We have the full range available for demo at Audico, and I must say that I do agree. They are incredible speakers at their price point.
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