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Popped into my favourite pipe fitting supplier and picked up two elbow for my version 1.1 of water level monitoring.

First step was to remove the existing horisontal float chamber installation. I drained the chamber via the draining circuit. It worked exactly as designed and I could control the final water level in the sand filter camber exactly. I did battle a bit with the outlet pipe from the chamber as the three tiny holes I drilled to eliminate any dead zones in the pipe work in reverse. I blocked these with a thin plastic bag pulled tightly over the holes and secured in place with a hair elastic. Wonderfull things women are!

Version 1.0 stripped of all cover ...

And exposed to the world!

Straight coupling removed and the new elbow screwed into place.

Slotted filter pipe installed in the vertical position.

It was at this stage that I changed my plans a bit and decided to ask the Boss to sew me a little filter cloth bag to fit around the vertical slotted pipe.

Installed and secured with a cable tie.

Next step was to fill the bag with the course filter sand and then fill the excavation. I also did the same for the other filter chamber. The end result offers a vertical riser for the water to feed into the slotted pipe and into the float level chamber.

From first appearances it looks like it is working 100% and the level of the water in the float level chamber does not lag behind the water level in the filter chambers.

Now onto finding the elusive float sensor ... still safely packed in the last place I will look ....  :Ooooooh:


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