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Good day fellow DIY enthusiasts,

I am busy with my second build now (after the Illuminators in 2015/16) and about reaching the halfway point which is a good time to post my progress.

My previous build was veneered MDF cabinets, faux leather baffles and some steelwork, and I still find them beautiful and enjoy them daily, but I wanted to try my hand at something different, something Open Baffle.

Having limited knowledge in actual speaker design, I opted for the well respected Troels Graveson's OB15 design, with some slight modifications, with his approval.

A plain wood construction would not appeal to my curiosity with working with other material so I decided to construct using the following materials:

1. Engineered stone
2. Steel
3. MDF (for baffles only)
4. Glass

Some may point out that I am compromising on the acoustics, but to be honest, I am happy to make some compromises in order for me to achieve the aesthetics I am after, so I ask the guru's to not be too unkind.

The stone, cut from lasercut templates I had made.

I am very interested in this thread . The use of stone is such a good idea in terms of structural stability in open baffles , the weight keeping the entire structure solidly planted .

Subbed. Very keen to see the rest.  :rubhands:
Please post many pictures.

Yes, the stone offer great stability, and has a "finished" finish, which saves time...

Hoping this pic is larger:


I suspect this project is going to be a stupendous sonic jump compared compared to the previous build.  There is not much you can do wrong with this build.

I am convinced, this high sensitivity design is going to set the scene for your conversion to valves. 




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