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AVForums is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a working relationship with AVSA. I'm sure many of you purchase this magazine (I do every month) and know it to be relevant to local market trends. I believe it is the premier audio/visual publication in this country and we are very happy to associated with them.

Over the next few weeks you will see some new content added to this site. The most obvious will be a section where all and any content, letters queries in the magazine can discussed and debated at length. This is not to say that these topics may ONLY be posted in the new section, we thought it best for ease of reference.

We are hoping that this will increase traffic and member registrations as well as an increased market share for AVSA. AVSA has agreed to have a 'Forum' button placed on their site which will be a direct link to this one.

Furthermore they agreed to a reduced subscription fee for all AVForum members should you wish to subscribe to the magazine and I trust many of you will take advantage of this. The value of the discount will be published shortly. With Pavel out of the country, this process will not happen over-night but we want to make sure this works and do it right for both parties.

I hope you are all as excited as I am and will welcome AVSA into out domain ;D and we look forward to greater things and my thanks go to Andrew and Deon at AVSA for their support and interst

To ease any concerns of yours AVForums is not sold, taken over or now share-owned and likewise for AVSA. The current management structures will remain as they are although there may opportunity for members to become more involved in AVForums should they be interested.

Watch this space


now that is really good news. looking forward to what the future holds!

This is interresting news indeed...let's see what new dimentions this brings to the site.

Congratulations and well done!

After reading some of the letters and reviews in AVSA, might I suggest an “R 5000.00 interconnects are the best” section?  ;D ;D

Gliding Dutchman:
Congrats guys!

May we please also have an analogue section - he-he - just kidding!



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