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Interesting article on the history of the "Williamson" circuit

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An interesting synopsis on the "Williamson" circuit and history surrounding it :

Just about to retire to bed, when the name Williamson caught my weary eye.

Permit me to say I glanced through it with some emotion and a flood of memory. The original 'blue book' containing the first articles from "Wireless World" was my first book on the subject of hi-fi. I have since lost it (more's the pity) but have a photo-copy given by a friend. (If anybody still has a 'blue book', cherish it - it is history, if anything hi-fi related ever was, is, or will be ....)

I will refrain from comment for now . . .  others will follow soon enough - 
     just to say (did I overlook it?)
          If I am not mistaken, to me the milestone of the Williamson was its first use of
          global NFB, including the whole of the amplifier plus output transformer.

As expected quite a number of different (some barely) versions soon resulted, each with its claim to fame . . . .

but for many (dare I say most?) folks from the era as well as ever after, this will forever remain as an utterly worthy and undisputed beacon of the beginning of an era.

This should be compulsory reading for anybody before entering this complex and multi-faceted hobby - your ticket to the concert hall in a manner of speaking.

Thanks Fredeb

A pleasure Ampdog .

I also find the history of the rise of the tetrode and pentode , mentioned in the article , interesting .

Somewhat OT, but since the OP has mentioned it, "Beam Tubes" in Wikipedia and other sources make interesting reading - there is quite a history there. One of the earliest versions of a beam valve was the 6L6 (in its various subsequent versions, including the 807. The latter is the same as a 6L6 except for the anode connection to a top cap.). After 86 years it is still produced in its original form bar some materials improvement. It is also regarded as the most successful electronic component ever produced - however that conclusion could be reached.

Side note:  Again not playing policeman, but there is a notion that pentodes connected as triodes are less successful than 'pure' (that word again!) triodes. That is a fallacy. What is true is that beam valves used as triodes are somewhat more efficient than pentodes used as such because of the grids alignment of the former.

My respect for the 6L6 has just grown a little more , thank you kindly
Ampdog .

Certainly a good choice for the Williamson , as far as current production beam tubes go , especially the 6L6GC , which has a maximum recommended output of 30W . IMO a pretty good price/performance ratio too .

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