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Re: Subwoofer question.
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Boy are you going to be in trouble once the mods wake up.

Bombing this forum with senseless one-liners responding to aged threads in an attempt to get your post count up to 50 in a single day is one of the unforgivable sins of this forum.

I would strongly suggest that you refrain from any further shenanigans.

Pity. He seems such an interesting guy
I wonder if he really sold a white Fiat Uno to Prince Phillip of Greece?
Did he really teach adult maths to Jacob Zuma?
Was he really in engineering school with Lucky Montana?
Is he the same guy who was the test driver for TATA and was he really used as a crash test model for the Datsun Go?
Does he still beat his wife?
What do you think he wants to sell?

Maybe we'll never know?

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Re: Subwoofer question.
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Sometimes I ask them.  Sometimes I don't, because...well...