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Question for those very familiar with REW - An SPL graph

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So I finally got a Umik-1 (Actually for a DIY speaker project) but for the heck of it I took two initial sweeps of my listening room with the 0deg calibration file loaded - 0-20Khz, mic in head position one reading pointing at the RHS speaker and the second at the LHS speaker with only that respective speaker active for that reading.

I am still doing a ton of reading and learning here..... as a newbie with this software, where to next, just leave it and enjoy because it sounds just fine to me or should I take more readings and/or look at different graphs in REW?

I am curious as to what the interpretation of the graph below - left and right speaker might show as abnormal if anything, I see a very slight bass bump, but a flattish line from 20hz the speakers are B&W N802, and the room is wall to wall treated with sound absorbing panels.

See the little camera at the top left of the graph? You can capture the image as a gif or jpeg - better than photographing the screen.

This is from your listening position, smoothing? Also take a look at the Waterfall graph (you need to hit "generate").

Smoothing was 1/6 and mic in listening position yes.

Will do the Waterfall Graph.



--- Quote from: Rick on April 30, 2019, 10:44:08 PM ---Smoothing was 1/6 and mic in listening position yes.

Will do the Waterfall Graph.


--- End quote ---

Your graph limits are a little generous, with the same on the vertical most graphs would look virtually perfect, this is my system for example:


vs a more commonly used vertical axis:

This is also just for display on forums and such, when I'm trying to get a good grip of what's going on I'll use a lot less generous smoothing and also look at my decay times using the waterfall and spectro graphs.

Rick, here is a link to the definitive REW document on the net. Lots of work over many years has gone into it, its long but comprehensive. If you haven't read it I suggest you grab a copy.


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