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How good is an Audyssey mic for measurements?


I have been fiddling with REW after some extensive room treatment I just wanted to take some measurements.

Having nothing else at the time I (maybe stupidly) plugged my Audyssey mic into REW. Loopback test signal output to mic input is all good to 20 Khz but with the mic itself plugged in I strongly suspect the response falls off to almost completely dead from about 8khz rendering the room measurement useless. Its down about 40dB, 8-20Khz. The room is floor to ceiling acoustic panels and the speakers B&W N802's.

Does anybody know if these are very basic mics used for Audyssey and is there nothing special about them? or is something else going on?

Audyssey mics aren't interchangeable as the AVR they're packaged with is loaded with the offset file for that mic model - so I'd say no, Audyssey mics are not good for measurement. Why not invest in a Umik-1, they're not that pricey and it'd give you peace of mind.

Rick, UMIK pops up on the forum regularly. Buy it, use it and and if you have no further need for it, sell it.

Thanks all have found a umik-1, will go that route for peace of mind.


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