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Hi to all , again !

For those who know me, I used to work with ALLO and now I am back here to represent VOLUMIO.
I've had great experiences and interactions on this forum and I truly believe that South Africa is a vibrant and valuable market.

I am here to assist with pre and post sales questions and anything else VOLUMIO related, so feel free to reach out and touch faith  :BWAHAHAH:

The preferred music player software used by most audiophiles and manufacturers. Easy to use, it offers plenty of features and plug ins. A new version, myVolumio, has been released and it now offers even more features such as Tidal and Qubooz integration. Check it out!

The hardware network music player / streamer recently released by Volumio.
3 in 1 outputs (analog/digital and USB)
no more DIY ,  no more RPI, no more pesky SD cards, no more connectivity issues.
Unbox, connect, set up in less than 1 min and play.
Tinkerboard brain and ESS Sabre converter.
Its a finished product that takes its place amongst your system.

MSRP 487 EUROS includes 1 year myVolumio subscription when bought from our website.

BUT, I am actively looking for ZA distributors that can supply the community.

Please share thoughts on all aspects , lets have an open discussion , I'm very interested in what you think.

PS: I would like to get a demo/review pass around unit down there. Anyone interested?

more info:

Welcome Andre, and best wishes in your new position :thumbup:



--- Quote ---1 year myVolumio subscription...
--- End quote ---

Andre, can you tell us more about the myVolimio subscription? What does it entail?

--- Quote ---PS: I would like to get a demo/review pass around unit down there. Anyone interested?
--- End quote ---

I am interested!

thanks for the warm welcome.

volumio delivers the best of itself with a paid or free license. #
so performance is not compromised just features are added.

Virtuoso allows 1 device to be connected for 2.99EURO/month and have access to the version of myVolumio that has tidal and qubooz integrations , mnay other plug ins are also available like for spotiofy and youtube for example.

if you go full Super Star mode for 6.99EUR, then you can connect up to 6 devices.
There are annual one time payment special prices as well. is changin , so be on the look out in the next weeks for the new site launch with all the info.

I am working on a deal to offer the PRIMO with a 1 year SUPERSTAR  subscription for all AVforum members...
but lets see how are may are interested...

for the review unit, i am working on it.
please PM me so I can add you.
please include your address.

i definitely would like to try something like this out so if a demo unit becomes available please add me to the list.


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