Author Topic: If you want to go Inverter/Battery/Solar power then go check this Forum  (Read 2592 times)

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So i'm busy putting a Solar power system together for my house and founded this local Forum group . Like our guys on this forum that know there audio stuff, this guys know about solar stuff and there are really help full so far and there is loads of info. Go check it out.
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Well done @Gerlach - Thank you for making the forum. Local rocks!  :thumbs:

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Got a lot of useful info here, and was also able to clear up some misconceptions about Lithium Ion batteries and how they work

Ordered and paid for 2 x 24 volt 77 a/h batteries on 25th March.  Was quoted 2 weeks delivery.  Eventually received them on 23rd April.  They are wired in parallel with equal length cables

The inverter must be reconfigured to cater for lithium ion batteries in that the maximum charge is now 28.1VDC and the cut off point 24.0V

There is a display on each battery showing:  Battery voltage for the entire pack, incoming or outgoing current (outgoing current is shown as -V) and State Of Charge.  They arrives showing 91%

It took a week of charging to get both to show 100% State of Charge (SOC)

I tested the batteries running the inverter without mains and PV panels.  To produce 350 watts of power, the current draw from both batteries was 11.5 amps.  12 hours later is was still drawing 11 amps and the SOC had dropped to 33%.  Thereafter, with PV panels charging for 8 hours, this came to 77% and a further 4 hours on the mains reached 99%

This means the batteries are capable of delivering power for an extended period.  Load shedding typically (in Cape Town) lasts 2.5 hours so this is manageable

I am 100% satisfied

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