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Methinks an inadequate power chord must have been used .....  :thinking:
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Re: Fuses
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After spending $150 on a fuse, damn right it's going to sound better to you!
You'd feel a right box if it didn't. So your brain won't let that happen.

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Re: Fuses
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Here's a suggestion :

There are a few supplier's here on the forum that sell these type of fuses. Let's buy some, donate some monies to a forumite to purchase them and have a shootout(s).

Those with any opinion on them should all attend or experience it, then cast their result.

This can be done by region, e.g. the Cape Town Hifi Club,a group in Gauteng, etc, and the results can even be collated.

Croak Audio sells some, maybe Guillaume can accommodate this little venture?

Nice idea.

Surely these suppliers can provide a few fuses to demo though? What's to lose? :whistler:

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Re: Fuses
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