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Words of great wisdom from our esteemed AVF members

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I've noticed quite a few of these great works of literature in various members' signatures, so decided to record them in posterity. Please add to the list, could be fun!  :rubhands:

"Whilst Nidri takes reasonable care to ensure that the information in this message is correct and up to date, this might not always be the case. Nidri does not give any warranties as to the accuracy and safety of any information appearing in this message."

A favourite from Benjamin Franklin (who stole it from an Italian banking family) - "Money makes money, and the money money makes, makes more money"

From my Japanese friend who works as a translator for Canon.  He does Japanese, English, German, Russian and Thai  - "If its not complicated, its no good"

Me (borrowed from William Shakespeare) - "If music be the food of love, play on"

From ‘Twelfth Night’ (it May not be exact) the context being that the Countess has been in mourning for a heck of a long time:

Feste the Clown: ‘My lady, why mournest thou thy brother?’
Countess Olivia: ‘For my brother hath died, fool”
Feste: “I think your brother is in Hell”
Olivia: “I know that my brother is in Heaven, fool”
Feste: “More fool the lady that mourns her brother being in Heaven”

The best advice ever, with reason, spoken by a fool.  Helped me through a few difficult times.  Not sure if it fits the thread, but hey!

Not sure of the ‘If music be the food of love’ bit though.  The next few lines are a bit EMO ie:

“If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.  That surfeiting the appetite may sicken and so die.  Ah, that strain again, it has a dying air....”

Well OK then.....Count Orsino just couldn’t get through to Countess Olivia and needed some good lovin’ from a mourning lady.....if you haven’t read or watched the play (Twelfth Night) I won’t give spoilers....

Lonely is as lonely does, lonely is an eyesore (Throwing Muses-Fish)


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