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Compact media server
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:33:52 PM »
Hi All,

just thought I would share what I have done to set-up a compact portable media streamer.
Was actually very easy...

1) 1 tb WD Mypassport pro +/- R2500( can opt for the ssd but still very expensive)
2) Yamaha wxad-10 music streamer/dac(burr brown) R1400 or Yamaha wxc-50

Both devices work via wifi so streaming is solid and the Yamaha can do 24/192

The WD comes with Plex media server pre installed. Dump music onto WD and switch Plex on in settings via browser.You can use the Yamaha app but slow. Plex app also good but found another app which controls all way better and the ui is quite good. Its called Prism. Its also not necessary to have a pc or mac running.

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Re: Compact media server
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Did you consider getting a portable media box from Takealot for like R899.00 ?

The advantage is the application loaded has more processing and more options ?