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a good phone APP for testing the room acoustics ???

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His problem is he has no boundary reinforcement to energise his room with the bass coming from his speakers, the room is also rather large.

Next alternative will be change his speakers to something far, far bigger, like lots of 18 inch drivers. Or he should pick a spot outside to listen to his music [ these are all said in jest, but rings true].

The kock:
Well After trying many things and looking at a lot of info and listening to a lot of music, I got to the realization that the, rear ported CM10's and this room simply dont work. Even with the introduction of an active Sub it was still seriously lacking.

So I decided to try something different and introduced Electrostats and Active sub and am happy to report that my issue is solved, still alot of tunning to be done over time but the elements are there to make the sound I enjoy in the room I enjoy without destroying the room.

Now to find the right Sub while my little Rel does duty bravely.

Thanks again for all the inputs. :dop:   

Martin Logan?

Especially if you have electrostatics.

The kock:

Temp fix, 15 1000w rms + 8 200w rms

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