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a good phone APP for testing the room acoustics ???

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The kock:
Maybe im looking for a quick fix here and deep inside I know it wont be this simple but I am looking for a starting point as I go on the journey to sort out my stereo room for sufficient acoustics as it is simply a disaster right now.

Logically it would be great to down load an app for me to test the room and to see where I should start as confirmation that it is indeed bright etc etc.

or any advice on who could come there with a measuring device to assist..... retailer vendor what ever but I need a starting point, all I know right now is that a system that had immense tight controlled base in a previous room, now has nothing.


Measuring is one thing, interpreting the results is another and then knowing what to do to fix it is even more complicated.

I gather the introduction of a sub did not affect your results?.

Iíve read good things about them. Rather use professionals.

One of the easiest methods is to get an SPL Meter and some Test Discs - Soundcheck, Stereophile has a few [ covers mostly the *bass range ], etc [ most guys that have computer based music has downloads or have copied these discs to their drives].

Read a couple of tutorials on the Web to use the SPL meter properly, setup, do the measurements [ covers main frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz]. That will give you a quick guide to what is happening in your room.

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@AlleyCat I think Mr The Kock's problem is that his speakers are right in the corners (B&W CM10). They are rear ported to make things worse. Bass waves are created, amplified by the corners and pushed down his room. The area behind the listening space is basically all uncovered glass. The glass reflects the bass waves, push them back into the room and these waves then cancel out the next batch of bass waves that are created, hence the feeling that bass has disappeared.

I think that room is going to be quite challenging to treat. I think he should start with:
1) moving the speakers out of the corner, one third into the room.
 2) put thick curtains with lining in front of all the windows to prevent sound from being reflected by the glass
3) get a thick carpet to put right in front of the speakers (his current carpet seems to be a sisal type of hard carpet that I don't think aids much in absorption)

What do you think?

You can see the pics of his room here:,76826.0.html

This is a really great video, explaining sound waves in a room


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