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And what were the criminals doing before cryptocurrency came along... they were still doing the same business and finding alternative methods of payment from cash to quid pro quo deals where they swapped products or services. So to blame crypto for criminal activity is very short sighted and again I reiterate, why must ordinary law abiding citizens get screwed over for what a handful of criminals are doing?
I blame crypto for criminal activity because manipulating the market is unfair and people responsible should be punished. So manipulation yes. But when it comes to drug dealers for example, I don't blame crypto for pushing more drugs, I do blame them for making it easier to run an illicit business. It's not a handful of people. It's quite a lot. Within the crypto sphere there's also ponzi schemes and other financial services that profit indirectly from cryptos. I don't see how it's hurting the ordinary citizen. Governments just stated that they wouldn't allow crypto as payment because it's so volatile and people are using it to mask their capital gains and income which is true. If the market is so fragile for those announcements then that's a sign of the volatility and amount of risk. It says that a few powerful billionaires own a huge amount of bitcoins.

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is it just me or have bitcoin people gone a bitquiet because its a bitdown? #bitter

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Google came up with htis, inter alia:
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