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Nelly Furtado - Loose - Mix not that lekka...


Gliding Dutchman:
This thread applies to you if you own the album "Loose" by Nelly Furtado...

My sis cam by this evening to listen to my new speakers (the B&W P6's). We listened to some of my jazz  and acoustic CD's and later she brought in the above mentioned album.

Red Book CD - Loose by Nelly Furtado - STARCD 7021 (172)

I had the P6's connected to my set of QUAD mkII tube amps when we played the track "Say it right". Stange - the vocals seemed distorted... I changed the CD with one of my own and the vocals seemed right. Back to the "Loose" album... other tracks seem allright but this one specific track's vocals sounds if it is clipping. Switched to the QUAD 303 power-amp but no cure - vocals still clipping - just with this CD...

Any experience and comments?

Looks like quality on the music front is also out the back-door! Luckily I am not a main-stream music fan...


Sounds like the recording is over compressed as usual

Mainstream pop artists tend to sing very close to the mic. They get their characteristic sound this way by driving the mic pre-amp into saturation (if it is a valve pre).

If it is solid state the limiter comes on giving a sound similar to clipping. (the limited gives a bit softer clipping but harder than valve saturation).

Some mics are designed with saturation in mind and the artist selects one with the non-linear characterstics that suits his/her voice or taste.

It is also not unusual for pop recordings to be hard clipped digitally. And as Skinny said too much compression also comes into play.

The missus was listening to it the other day as well and on one of the tracks (please don't ask me which one) there is some super distortion on the kick drums. I thought something was wrong with my speakers/amp/whatever and tried this in the car - same thing. I thought it might be for effect (and I can dig it), but here it just doesn't sound right. Obviously they wanted to accentuate the bottom end, but the whole mix is already so compressed that that track just upset everything. I'd love to put it through an RTA and see what comes up.


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