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Hey guys the 20th will be your last chance to order SVSound gear before the new year! We still have some of the best prices in the country! Please contact me either via here on the forum or info on our website if you have any needs. Otherwise Have a Merry Christmas and a Fruitful Newyear!

All times below are in stock:

SVS Ultra Towers 
SVS Ultra Bookshelves
SVS Ultra Surrounds
SVS Ultra Center
SVS Prime Towers
SVS Prime Satellites
SVS Prime Center
SVS Prime Bookshelves


SB13 Ultra x1 Single Gloss
SB1000 x4 Pairs Ash and gloss
PB1000 x1 Single

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hi there ,just wanted to know the price of the ultra centre and if you could the pb16 utra regards thnx


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Hi Supershakes i sent you a direct message with the info, above is the items we have in stock. And the link to the website with our prices is all there! But i did provide the info you requested in the direct message.

Thank you for the post and reply! Have a Happy Newyear!

Regards Stelio @AV-Uptopia