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Recommended SA Netflix viewing list

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As was suggested we should start a Netflix recommended viewing list - here it is  ^-^ (please guys, let us keep it to the South African version of Netflix)

I will start off with these:
Hitler's Circle of Evil (Gives me chills to think of what some people are capable of doing) A prayer goes up for South Africa ...

Saints & Strangers
Marco Polo

Ones I have watched

Fauda season 1 and 2 (2 is better, not a good ending)
Hitler's Bodyguards
The War - A Ken Burns film
Confession tapes (a bit weak I thought)
Mossad 101 (not nearly as good as Fauda)
Terrorism Close calls  (when you have watched the first 4 or 5, the others are all the same)
Conspiracies (fair to good)
World War II in colour (very good, lots of hitherto unseen footage)
Killing Oswald - don't have to tell you who he shot dead in 1963
Auschwitz (chilling)
Trump, an American Dream  (tells you about his shady way of doing business)
Oklahoma City
Queen (about QE-II, the most famous woman in the world)
The People vs O J Simpson
JFK The making of a president (another big crook, his father Joseph)

I second Narcos and World War ll in colour. I will have a look at the others.
The People vs OJ is on my watch list.
Thank you Chris.

I "share" my Netflix subs with my brother in law who is a tad more intellectual than I.  He recommended the Ken Burns World War.  However, its 10 episodes of 140 mins each.  I get fidgety after sitting for an hour

Just watched Murder Mountain on Netflix. Highly recommended

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