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Re: Get in the ring- Digital vs Analog
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From Stan Rosenthal's translation of the Toa te Ching :


We cannot know the Tao itself,
nor see its qualities direct,
but only see by differentiation,
that which it manifests.

Thus, that which is seen as beautiful
is beautiful compared with that
which is seen as lacking beauty;
an action considered skilled
is so considered in comparison
with another, which seems unskilled.

That which a person knows he has
is known to him by that which he does not have,
and that which he considers difficult
seems so because of that which he can do with ease.
One thing seems long by comparison with that
which is, comparatively, short.
One thing is high because another thing is low;
only when sound ceases is quietness known,
and that which leads
is seen to lead only by being followed.
In comparison, the sage,
in harmony with the Tao,
needs no comparisons,
and when he makes them, knows
that comparisons are judgements,
and just as relative to he who makes them,
and to the situation,
as they are to that on which
the judgement has been made.

Through his experience,
the sage becomes aware that all things change,
and that he who seems to lead,
might also, in another situation, follow.
So he does nothing; he neither leads nor follows.
That which he does is neither big nor small;
without intent, it is neither difficult,
nor done with ease.
His task completed, he then lets go of it;
seeking no credit, he cannot be discredited.
Thus, his teaching lasts for ever,
and he is held in high esteem.
...evolution is the gradual development and stratification of progressive series of wholes, stretching from the inorganic beginnings to the highest level of spiritual creation.
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Get in the ring- Digital vs Analog
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Sho.. more confused now freedeb ..

let that be that
Simply Que será, será
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Re: Get in the ring- Digital vs Analog
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So you don’t stream , don’t own a TT and yet you have the most to say about how good or bad those things are ?
I don’t get it that you are trying to tell someone where to get off and yet you seem confused debating things you don’t even seem to have a drop of experience with form any angle other than hearsay or a once off experience by the sound of things ?

I would therefore think you are actually an exception and arguments and debates can not cater for one exception the comment D made is a general one , so cool it doesn’t apply to you we get that  , but that doesn’t make it wrong , just wrong for you I totally agree with it and so does some members above... maybe we are in the minority in the end and that will still make it right for some and it right for others it will never be quoting you “TOTAL HW”...

So you hate that you are part of the niche audiophile world on avforums ? Explains your fuse ..

Anyway , I know I just broke my promise to the mods to please consider your short Temper( cause some members have that privilege it seems)  , so I feel I have to explain to you that I am not attacking you just making an observation,  so read it calmly and ignore the noise around the core of the story.

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Re: Get in the ring- Digital vs Analog
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We are all sages here, some more qualified than others.

A bit like the pigs in George Orwell's "Animal Farm"
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