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Hi to all ,

Please use this space to tell us what product you are looking to purchase and when.
Together with our distributor, we will club all these and ship it out in 1 package.
Once in ZA, you will simply place an online order with the distributor who in turn will ship out.

We ask you to inform us here first to help us better manage the stock levels.

thank you  for your cooperation.


Hi to all...
with Xmas around the corner, I was expecting a little more excitement.
Since for now there is not much interest, we will wait to build some up before we send stock to ZA.

 Its weird as i remember several members asking me for stock.

Ohh well...


Hi, looking to purchase a USB Bridge?  What will the process be?

I am a Roon user

Thank You


Keen on Volt+D if they ever become available locally.

The alias 'ALLO' has not been active on this forum since 17 December 2018.

Andre is still on the forum but now works for Volumio.

Not sure where this leaves us in terms of local availablility of Allo products.


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