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Here's an informed opinion on ASR and the veracity of the measurements to be found there.

Take a moment and watch this Currawong (Amos Barnett) video from 34:55 to around 36:00

There is nothing informed about his opinion. This is the same guy that on head-fi created the conspiracy story that I someone else ("NWAVGUY").  See this post by head-fi owner forum saying it on his behalf:

And look at all the gear he has behind him:

It is audio-gd and Schiit gear which have done poorly in my testing.  So of course he is going to be emotional and irrational in the way he lashes out.

But here is the data.  I tested another audio-gd product:

And this is where it finished in ranking:

These are the facts.  I run the exact same test file on every dac.  I connect three cables: USB plus audio out.  And what comes out is a number that is in the above graph.  If he wants to explain to me how that can go wrong, I am all ears.

By now I have tested 100+ DACs.  Countless manufacturers have reviewed them, commented on them, etc.  No way would I be able to continue to do what I do, with very strong support from owners loaning me gear to test if my results were not correct and objective.

I feel bad for people who have gone and put their reputation behind these products, made youtube videos to promote them and praise them lavishly in forums.  They didn't learn how to do proper audio testing so here they are.  Real, objective data contradicting their opinion.  This is what happens when you fight science.  You don't have a strong leg to stand on.  You just don't.

Anyway guys, as I said, a lot of good is being done.  We are getting much more data out there, forcing manufacturers to better engineer their products.  Let's not continue the stale FUD debate created by the few and cast doubt on this work.  I could be spending the time testing more products than writing these posts.  :)

Edit: fixed typos.  :)
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Re: Audio Science Review
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But in the end measurements mean nothing if the sound isnít good,


...and Iíve got an item that measures very bad yet is the best sounding component Iíve owned. Fair enough good electrical work should measure within specs usually but what if it sounds better by changing some of those parameters, is it still wrong or a bad design I donít think so.. as long as it sounds good to me, there no one right sound, everyone hears things slightly different so perfect measurements and bad measurements will all sound different to different people..


Its not about trusting your ears itís about letting your ears hear how they hear which is very unique to each person :)

god help.

btw, It's not your ears, it's your mind.  The outer ear mechanism is just the first step.

Just get the basics of psychoacoustics.

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@amirm thanks for wading into this thread and responding to allegations/comments. I've purchased a Khadas Tone Board after reading your review and I'm absolutely loving it. Amazing piece of engineering, which I suspect is largely due to a rigorous design cycle and a great PCB layout as a result.

I wonder if the next positive spin off from your measurements will be to get the "ESS hump" sorted...
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Interesting response from Kingwa on the official Audio-gd site (doesnít mentions Amit by name but itís clearly directed at him):
A message to respond some one

The English is not my advantage so the message must had a lot grammar mistook.
If I was you, I would not say anything how the specs effect the sound quality.
You can say how bad of the specs and the sound quality , but you should not hint the transparency = low distortion.
Did you say the tube devices sound not transparency? Or did you mean the phono sound not transparency ?
You know how to measure , you may know the electric technology, but you may don't know the audio technology.

I have very lot changes to measure the expensive hi-end devices of different brands, because a lot customers brought their units come to our listen room to have the compared with our products.
I have measured the wonderful units to study why their sound is tube like or transparency or sound digital .
Through a lot measured and studied I know how to make the sound like analogue but not digital .
Audio study is large different to electric study . I can not study the audio technology only in book but I must open and study by the hi-end units , a lot practice and listen are necessary.

Did you know the specs effect between OS and NOS ? The same unit, OS and NOS can had 15DB different on the THD.
It is a unit only with NOS design.
We have declared on the web page :THD today is extremely low with Sigma Delta chips; R2R ladders have good THD but nos as good as Delta Sigma .
In your point the most DS design must better than most R2R design.

In the web page we have declared the unit sound has Smooth, coherent and analogue sound quality and has no emphasise on any frequencies in audio spectrum, and more like real oil painting.
It obvious design for the analog or tube like sound .
It must some things like the pure analog design .
There are over 3000 users and I had got a lot feedback from users says sound wonderful, I don't think these users don't know how to listen music .

A few Americians may dislike the Chinese products, like Mr. Donald don't like Huawei .
But music has not limit of countries. We are not only enjoy the Chinese music but we also respect the oversea musicians .
The most people just want to enjoy the music but not enjoy the specs.
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