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banned from the forum

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The kock:
Hi Mods not sure whats going on but when I try and log in from my smart phone via the web browser it tells me I am banned and that the ban has no expiry date.

Not sure if I am banned and if so for what ? please let me know before you kick me off as I quite like this forum and there should be a mistake somewhere? if not how do I address the issue?

Seems to still work perfectly from my laptop

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


It's probably an IP address block.  You use a VPN or something along those lines?

I experience that when I'm using Tapatalk on my smartphone.

There was a thread on this somewhere but I can't find it.  You probably have to clear your cache on the phone then try again.  I know I have had a similar problem when I've been abroad before it's something to do with IP addresses.

^ Yep,I think even Schalk was 'banned' at one stage,when he was also overseas,but we got BWS to help.   :thumbs:



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