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Android Media box
« on: January 17, 2019, 06:57:33 AM »
Hi there. I got my MeCool M8S Pro+ last week and saturday my teenage son reset factory settings. I lost all apps etc. Please does anyone have the same Android Media box? Ineed a screen picture of the apps, players and vod services that is pre loaded on the box.

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Re: Android Media box
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Hi i have a couple of android boxes ..shield ..and mygica ..beelink..zidoo..and others .. if you factory reset the box it basically pulls the apps from a rom chip that is non erasable from your motherboard and that is installed as"factory default" so in practice all is still there that was on the box when you bought it and power on the first time ..if you are missing any thing just see if there are updated roms for your box on the manufactures web site and read how to flash them or do a ota (over the air update ..that is wifi .. .. again that is to risky should you have a power cut when it flashes .. rather download it and see how the manufacturer recommends updating it..

What it boils down to is you will only loose the apps that you installed after you received the box... i.e a factory reset pulls default apps from a rom that cant be erased and then installs them as the default config for your box...this is so with 95% of android boxes...
Hope it helps you.


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