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43-49 Inch TVs - Best Options?
« on: November 01, 2018, 09:19:08 PM »
For practical (& space) reasons, I can't accommodate a 55-inch (or bigger) set in my current setup.

I also don't need or want such a big set.
My current 40 inch TV (2010-model Samsung UA40C6900) is easily big enough for my requirements.

However the time has (finally) come for a 4K upgrade.
(for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xbox1X gaming, etc.)

So what are the best TV's available in the smaller, 43-49 inch formats?

Afaik the only smaller TV's that are UHD Premium certified* are the 49 inch Samsung Q7/Q7F models.

Like so: (

99% sure that model is not available in SA though.

So what are my options?

I've looked at two sets so far.
Picture quality on both seem fine, it's very hard to get a real sense of ability in-store.
Not important: Sound Quality (I have a soundbar), Smart Apps (I'd rather use PS/XBX for streaming), Off-Angle Viewing.

#1 - Samsung NU7100
Positives: Low input lag for Gaming, VA Panel, HDR10 + HLG HDR
Negatives: Only 3 HDMI inputs (Ideally I need 4), 50Hz Panel (I think, might be 100), Ads (I hate this).

#2 - LG SK7900
Positives: 4 HDMI Inputs, HDR10 + HLG HDR
Negatives: IPS Panel, 50Hz, More expensive than Samsung.

#3 - HiSense 50a6500uw (Not too keen on HiSense though)
Positives: 4 HDMI Inputs, HDR10 + HLG HDR
Negatives: Don't know panel type, refresh rate, upscaling ability, etc.

(A Loewe Bild 3.43, 3.48 or 3.49 would also be nice, but very $$$)

(The high-spec Sony KD-49XF9005 could also have worked, but not available locally.)

What other options are there? Are there any good models that I've missed?
In a perfect world, I'd also want to know the set is good at 24p Blu-Ray playback (good 3:2 Pulldown), 120Hz panel would be nice futureproofing, etc. etc.
But, I'm coming to terms with the fact that (just like with cellphones) the smaller models are seen by manufacturers as 'lower' than the big panels and are therefore specced lower.
I'd be happy to pay more to get a better, smaller TV.
If there was a 43-49 inch OLED from LG with a 120Hz panel, I'd be sorted.
Alas we live in a Trumpian world that is consumed by size and power..

* (

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Re: 43-49 Inch TVs - Best Options?
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 06:25:54 AM »
I bought a UA43NU7100 the other day for my bar area and am very happy with it and at R6499 it is very reasonable

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Re: 43-49 Inch TVs - Best Options?
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Thanks Juggy.