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The Cardas Audio Nautilus Power Strip is now shipping from Cardas Audio.

Available in US & European (Schuko) versions, The Nautilus features Cardas Audio own 4181US & 4181EU power outlets. Rhodium/Silver plated contact surfaces and excellent grip tension make both of these premium connectors ideal for audio applications.

There are no current-limiting components in The Nautilus. This is as pure as power distribution gets. The hot & neutral lines are point-to-point wired with Cardas Solid Core 10 AWG copper. The star-ground system uses Cardas 11.5 AWG Multi-stranded Litz Conductor. Each outlet has the same RFI/EMI protection found in our flagship power cables.

Each outlet in The Nautilus is equally capable of providing clean power and noise-free grounding to your audio system.

A 4mm jack next to the IEC inlet can be used to connect The Nautilus to an external ground using a Cardas CAB Banana.

The Nautilus is housed in an extruded aluminum case, anodized black, with copper plated end pieces machined from billet brass. The underside is laser engraved with basic product information, and a hand-stamped serial number.

The Nautilus US has six outlets, and measures 15.75" long, 4.25" wide at the base, and 2.5" tall (40 cm x 10.8 cm x 6.35 cm).

The Nautilus EU has five outlets, and measures 18.5" long, 4.25" at the base, and 2.75" tall (47 cm x 10.8 cm x 7 cm).

Longtime Cardas customers will notice its resemblance to the legendary Cardas Golden 6A, one of high-end audio's original power strips, dating back to the mid-1990's.

In fact, veteran Cardas terminator (and skateboarding legend) Tay Hunt assembled the Golden 6A early in his Cardas career, and is responsible for assembly of The Nautilus as well. The taller profile of The Nautilus was nessisitated by the bulky Cardas 4181 outlets, and Tay's request that we give him a little more room to work with this time around.

The Nautilus pairs well with any Cardas power cable, providing various options and a clear upgrade path. 

The 15 Amp version of The Nautilus Power Strip is shipping now. Twenty amp versions ship in November.

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