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Goodman's Magnum K refurbishment

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Hi all. Picked these up yesterday.

Drivers, mids and tweeters all original.

Cabinets need a good sand down and some Howard restore a finish which will get started this weekend.

The tweeters and mids are a bit scratchy so if anyone has two of each laying around please let me know.

I didn't have the two pin din connector so the only testing I have done is by jamming the speaker cables into the female din connector. Will be getting the male connectors today so hopefully that sorts things out.

I have noticed that the two pots (15Ohm L-pads) on the back are very scratchy. From the reading I have done it seems that they are completely sealed units which can't be taken apart and cleaned so I need to see how a can replace these and with what.

Will take some better pics tonight and as it progresses. Anyone with experience of these please feel to add your input

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If we were American we could start a 'Vintage Speaker Addict' support group. Get together, sit in a circle, hold hands and sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Then introductions:

"My name is Steven and I have a Sansui fetish. I have x pairs of old speakers. They are all buggered and I spend way too much time fiddling with them without ever getting anything back to 100% working and original condition. My wife rolls her eyes and sighs whenever I rush in all bright-eyed with tales of the latest 'bargain', followed by scouring of the web looking for Unobtanium parts, long hours of disassembly followed by much swearing and cursing. Then looong periods of moping and complaining about devilish designers and their inherently sadistic intentions. Intermittent bursts of inspiration and energetic activity, only to repeat the swearing cycle, often helped along by too much alchohol."

Virtual group hug.  :dop:

^^  :giggle: yip thats me.
Appears there is no medication for this affliction...thank goodness!

Ha ha. Fully agree with those comments.

Got the Din connectors and hooked them up. All plays perfectly and no issues with tweeters, midrange and bass driver. They all work perfectly.

The midrange and top switches to creak and crackly but once set they don't interfere. Thanks heavens!!

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I seem to be affected by this problem also.
please send the details of the support group  :mates:


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