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DAC only handle 48kHz over USB

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Hi Guys and Gals, this is my first official Topic I am starting, so as a newbie, I may make some mistakes, go easy on me please.....

How to connect a DAC, to a Laptop, without using the 3.5mm jack or USB? Reason for that: DAC only handle 48kHz over USB. 3.5mm sounds crappy as the laptop Internal DAC manages it regardless...
If I understand correctly, the 48Khz will cover the audible range, but as a result our ears may lack that warm depth from the music???? (Is this in all true?)  :groovy:

So if I want to use full range frequency from the PC to the DAC, I can move over to either Cox-ale or Optica Toshlinkl in on the DAC.
My Laptop has neither of those connections, so I have the following options: :coffee:

1. Use my Laptop's HDMI cable to the TV, and from the TV use the Optical Toshlink to the DAC?
2. Get a HDMI Sound Splitter box, where I input HDMI and it outputs HDMI to TV, but also outputs sound to either Cox-ale or Optical Toshlink. (which I can again reroute to the DAC)

Will either of the above options give me a better performance than the USB?  :pray:

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experiences

What DAC is it?

One I bought from the forum, think add may still be up.....

Its a Cambridge Audio MagicDac.

I have a dedicated CD player and other sources that will work 100% with the DAC, its just my Digital music I need to figure out how to connect best?

I think you have to use the USB input. You can use VLC media player on you laptop. It can play FLAC and other high res audio formats. Please read the manual and check the section that says "DIGITAL INPUT SAMPLING FREQUENCIES SUPPORTED" to see if you are really limited to a sampling frequency of up to 48kHz.

Aaah ok and yes the original DAC Magic seems to be limited to 48KHz via usb.

I would think either option could work however with option 1 you need a TV in the room/area  :D

HDMI to CO-AX/SPDIF should work up to 96KHz.

I take it you have some 24/96 Digital/FLAC files on your laptop.


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