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Valve Audio Whisper Earth Chassis On or OFF?


Hi sorry for the daft question but there's a switch on the back of the Whisper, which if I remember correctly is Earth Chassis on or off.
Can someone tell me what the difference is between on and off?
Is it dangerous in any way to choose on or off?

many thanks for any advice

Hi Mick,

Not dangerous at all. In one position the circuit earth is connected to mains earth, and in the other position only mains earth is connected to the chassis. Therefore the chassis is always connected to mains earth. Circuit earth in the off position then refers to the actual earth of the amplifier it is connected to.
You might find a bit less hum in the one position. But beware, placing the Whisper on a shelf directly above or below your amplifier might have hum induced via electromagnetic coupling. If placed on the same shelf as your amplifier, it is best to have the Whisper to the right hand side of the amplifier.

Gerhard in Pfaffenhoven/Munich left here with your requested signal earth knob.

Hi Schalk, many thanks mate. I hope you and the family are well.
By the way I've using JJ Gold pins in the front two positions as you look at the Whisper and it sounds great. I'm going to buy a matched quad pair when funds allow.
Thanks for the earth knob, I've told Gerhard, to let me know the costs + postage so I'll pay him when lets me know.
It's a complete mystery where the original one is.



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