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Room Design Options
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:04:52 PM »
So we looking to move into a new place sometime early next year. I have been running several scenarios and looking for some input.

The current room dimensions are as follows.

The current room ratios do not closely match any of the well known published figures. The room modes however follow the Bonello principle pretty well.

The LF frequency cut off is 24.6 Hz and the Schroeder frequency is 93.23Hz

Based on the dimensions I can change I came up with three models that meet the Cox 2004 ratios for 100 cub.m rooms.

Option A
LF Cutoff - 21.94
Schroeder - 89.74

Option B
LF Cutoff - 21.80
Schroeder - 89.55

Option C
LF Cutoff - 21.94
Schroeder - 89.17

Option A, B and C all meet the Cox 2004 for 100 cubic meter room. They however do not follow the Bonello principle perfectly.

Option A
- Pro = Good Bonello
- Con = Not 100% in the sweet spot

Option B
- Pro - In the Cox sweet spot
- Con - Bonello not as good as A or C

Option C
Same as A

There is not much else to separate them so leaning towards A as it will have the lowest cost. Getting a builder to be accurate down to this level is another challenge on its own.

Any comments or suggestions?

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Re: Room Design Options
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2018, 08:39:35 AM »
Is it possible to factor in a standard flat ceiling as opposed to a vaulted ceiling? If it is possible to have a vaulted ceiling, it will add to the room's height and I have always found music played in a such a room to sound better. It may well give a better overall frequency response. Just a thought.
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