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Onkyo HT-S9405THX What's it worth?
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:55:51 PM »
Hi guys

My name is Jon and I'm an AV newb  :)

I bought an Onkyo HT-S9405THX system from Dion Wired about 5 years ago and have enjoyed it overall. It's still in great condition, only the one speaker cover has broken clip things.

Now I'm looking at selling it and getting a soundbar to replace it. All the wires and the space it takes up just irritate me to be honest. I'm looking for less clutter.

My first question is what is it worth? I see it's going for R19500 new at

Second question, what soundbar would you recommend? I've had a look at the Samsung HW-MS650 and the Yamaha YAS 207 so far but am not set on any particular product just yet.

My apologies if I posted this in the wrong section.

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Re: Onkyo HT-S9405THX What's it worth?
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I don't know what your current system is worth so not going to thumb suck.

With regards to soundbars if you want big sound then don't try going for small soundbar.
I listened to the Y207 as it's been getting great reviews and was completely disappointed. I connected my phone via BT and the sound was so thin, don't know if you can adjust anything on the sub but that was also terrible.
I don't think that would fill a decent sized main bedroom.

The mass market Samsung and LG definitely didn't sound any better.
Time to get back to when I enjoyed more upgrading, more of a headache than a pleasure