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Re: Musical Fidelity B1_more stuff


This is one of Tim de Pavaracini's design for MF. It is not the famous class A( A1) but class AB. Word has it that the pre section and phono is better than the class A version but that could be an urban legend. Alan Hobkirk checked out the amp for me a month or so ago and said that it is OK. There is some distortion visible on the scope in one channel whilst it is warming up, but then it settles down(probably a transistor than need replacement but better to wait till it dies and then to diagnose then trying to spend time on diagnosing an intermittent problem) So it would say that the amp needs some TLC but for the right owner it might be worthwhile.
a blast from the past;
Condition: Old and needs some TLC
Will ship at buyer's cost and risk
Asking price R900.00

On hold!

A very good purchase at the price. ctually, a give away price. I have 2 x Music Fidelity Typhoon Power amplifiers and they are excellent and would have loved to have bought this integrated and modify to use with my Typhoons.

Regards. Shamil

Mods please lock. Thanks for all the interest.


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