Author Topic: Looking for bookshelf speaker recommendations to pair with my tube amplifier  (Read 1747 times)

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Hi wonderbob, check this:,72497.msg861244.html#msg861244

Good rep, good sensitivity (90 dB), and no rear ports so will work well on an actual shelf.

A bit old, but great reputation.

Thanks for the heads up Bruce!  I am going to take them for now. Will upgrade and pass them along somewhere down the line...

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Let us know how it sounds!

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Let us know how it sounds!


What are you racing to sell Manetino?

Clocking up some quick one liner posts mods likely to cut count down again. 

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This thread made me think we really need more products that are affordable and easy to integrate into both systems and smaller living/listening environments. That can work with lower output amps, especially valve amps but not exclusively so, even with musical amps that are for example below 50W. I also am keen on speakers that in my mind are not race horses, meaning that can live close to the back wall, sounds good with all kind of music and are affordable. Most designers tend to focus on bigger and more expensive products. A few aspire to make good " real life" products for the music lovers.

My thinking led me to JMR and the thread I started " flirting with the French",72916.0.html

I am close to pulling the trigger with them. Look at the following measurements of the entry level speaker, Folia at around 650 Euors.

Designed with the above objectives in mind:

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Thought I'd give some feedback on my speaker situation.

I ended up getting a pair of the Klipsch R15-M. They were basically brand new, and offered to me on a very good deal.

I had to place them on a bookshelf and only about 15cm away from the back wall, and they sounded terrible. Low end was very boomy, and on all the music that I tested with (albums that I know very well) they performed pretty poorly.

Took quite a bit of playing around with exact placement and angle, and working on getting rid of the reflections from the back wall... but finally got them to a point where they sound really good, and I am very happy with them.

Cannot really comment on the pairing with the Mars amp too much due to lack of experience, but to my ears they are a massive improvement over what I used to have. Just need to make sure I don't get exposed to anything better for awhile.. cannot afford another upgrade!